Shark Tank's Net Worth

Shark Tank Investors Net Worth

Shark Tank Investors Net Worth
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The Shark Tank Show?
 The Shark Tank Show is quickly becoming one of the most successful Reality Shows ever produced. Starring 5 very wealthy Angel Investors with a net worth in the billions, the Sharks listen to Entrepreneurs pitching their new business, products, invention's and sometimes nothing more then an idea. The Shark Tank is going into it's 5th season after season 4 solidified the show as a Major Hit for ABC. Two new billionaires John Paul DeJornia and Steve Tisch will join the investors is season 5, which will greatly increase the net worth of all Sharks combined.

List of All Sharks Net Worth

Kevin O'Leary's Net Worth

Kevin O'Leary first built his empire with a company called SoftKey which he quickly bought out the competition and became the dominant player in the Educational Software Distribution Business. The companies name was later changed to The Learning Center which Kevin remained in charge. In 1999 Mattel bought the Learning Center for $3.8 billion in a stock swap with made O'Leary Hundreds of millions to add to his personal net wealth. He has gone on to several other successful ventures including the O'Leary Fund and the Lang & O'Leary Exchange. Kevin has made several successful investment's on the Dragons Den and of course the Shark Tank which has added to his personal net worth. Even though Kevin would like you to believe he's a billionaire, surprisingly O'Leary's net worth currently looks to be closer to $400 million as near as we can tell. Sorry Kevin, no Forbes List mentions.

Mark Cubans Net Worth

Mark Cuban no doubt IS a billionaire a few times over. Current estimates put Mark Cubans Net worth at $2.4 billion (up $100 million from a year ago). Cuban amassed his fortune when he sold to Yahoo for $5.9 billion right before the Internet bubble was about to burst. Mark took his share and began making wise business decisions starting with buying the Dallas Mavericks and taking them to the championship.

Lori Greiner's Net Worth

Lori Greiner AKA "The QVC Queen" is a master taking an idea and making it into a successful salable product. With all the attention and a few of the products Lori has invested in the Shark Tank, Greiner's net worth has sky rocketed in recent years. Lori Greiner's networth is now pegged around $30 - $35 million, almost double from a year ago. Lori's biggest success on the Shark Tank thus far is the Scrub Daddy Scrubber that has sold over $13 million worth in less than a year.

Daymond John's Net Worth

Daymond John is the Shark that didn't know how to give up. After being denied a bank loan 27 times, John finally found a way too make his dreams succeed. Daymond first made his millions with the  FUBU clothing Line and built it into a multi billion dollar business. Daymond John's net worth is estimated over $300 million, up over $50 million from a year ago.

Barbara Corcoran's Net Worth

Barbara Corcoran is the Real Estate Mogul that has taken a $1000 loan and parlayed it into a huge fortune with an estimated net worth now exceeding $200 million dollars. This figure is 4 times Corcoran's networth since becoming a Reality Star on The Shark Tank.

Robert Herjevic's Net Worth

Robert Herjevic is the son of Croatian Immigrant's that has amassed a fortune mostly made in Canada. Herjevic along with O'Leary have been on both the Dragons Den and the Shark Tank from day one. Herjevic's net worth is estimated over $200,000.00 and steadily climbing. Robert's net worth has more then doubled since becoming a Reality Star.

Total of all Sharks Networth

Mark Cuban = $2.4 billion
Kevin O'Leary's = $400 million
Lori Greiner = $35 million
Daymond John = $300 million
Barbara Corcoran = $200 million
Robert Herjevic = $200 million
Shark Tanks Total Net Worth = $3,535,000,000.00

Without a doubt, the Shark Tank Show has the Richest Celebrity Reality Stars in all of TV.


  1. Herjevic's net worth is estimated over $200,000.00 -_-"

  2. O'Leary should take some of his money and buy himself a new personality.

    1. why he is clearly full of greed thats what makes him great! It's so funny!

    2. NEVER! Mr. Wonderful makes this show so interesting and funny! He's a mad genius...

    3. Yeah Kevin is greedy but he's true to who he is at least a I like herjavec probably the most hinblonh person on there

  3. Love Kevin don't be a hater

  4. is that 35 million or 350 million?

  5. Mark Cuban is worth more than double of all the other sharks combined.

  6. I like each of them for their differences. I occasionally think when watching if I had a product/service I was presenting which one I'd actually want to work with. I think it's Robert; however, something tells me he's not as easy as he might appear. I watched a documentary of him on you tube. Surprisingly, he was quite frank, exceptionally family oriented and emotional. I respected this about him. Daymond is a tough nut to crack, he holds his cards close to his chest. Cuban just looks fun.. but I think he's an extremely intelligent man and could have a temper worse than Mr. Wonderfuls. Of the women, It's a toss up between Barbara or Lori.. they do take a female approach which could feel comforting to many people. Both very accomplished and smart ladies.

  7. I love how Cuban has commented on the show a couple times about Silicon Valley and bubbles, yet he made his fortune off of a bubble. I'm just very curious how different his life would be if the internet bubble popped before he could sell his money pit

    He might have gone back to work as a dance instructor.

    1. It comes down to whether or not you want to give him credit for exploiting the bubble and getting out before it burst. You could call it luck, but the fact that he diversified his investments and has grown his net worth amidst that crash makes it hard to attribute his success to luck. I would say he is more qualified than anyone to talk about bubbles for exactly that reason.

  8. what about the other Kevin from season one.

  9. Mark Cuban Honest billionaire!

  10. Not The Learning Center, The Learning Company.
    Different businesses, not related except for the word "Learning". And "The", I guess.


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