Alaskan Bush People's Networth

Alaskan Bush People Net Worth

Alaskan Bush People on Discovery Show

Billy Brown's Family in the Alaskan Bush  The Alaskan Bush People is a Reality Show following a large struggling Family of nine living off the land.  Every episode goes out of the way portraying how poor the Brown Family is picking up odd jobs along with bartering for supplies just to survive in the Alaskan Bush. Is the Brown Family really financially struggling as much as the Discovery Channel wants us to believe? And if not, what is Billy Brown Family's current net worth?

Billy Bryan Brown and his wife Ami has a total of seven children all born and raised in the Alaskan Bush. Until about 10 years ago Billy was a commercial fisherman running his own boat the Family also called home. A simple life living off the land with few possessions, but living the American Dream having the entire State of Alaska as their backyard.

The whole story of the Brown Family is fascinating to anyone who's ever dreamed of that kind of outdoor lifestyle, including me. I've spent a good part of my life out in the bush, but the Brown Family seems to take it to a new level. In this day and age, you still need some sort of income or a high net worth to live this simple lifestyle, and the Brown's are no exception. So how does Billy Brown support his large Family even though he retired from commercial fishing almost a decade ago?

Did you know Billy Bryan Brown is an accomplished writer with over 70 books to his credit?

The first time I saw The Alaskan Bush People on the Discovery Channel the thing that "really" stood out was the Brown Family clothes. Anyone that's spent any time in the outdoors knows you always dress appropriately, especially in Alaska. But the experienced Bush Family seems to defy this logic wearing regular "street clothes" as if no one would notice.

Stylish "new clothes" and never dirty even though they've been camping in the woods for weeks at a time. I liked the story behind the Alaskan Bush People, but this was the first clue the Brown's have a higher net worth than being portrayed on this Reality Show. The more I researched the Alaskan Bush People's Net Worth, the more their financial situation just didn't add up.

Supposedly the Brown Kids ranging in ages from 12 to 32 years old, have lived in the Alaskan Bush their entire lives and never exposed to modern technology. No computers, no telephone, heck they didn't even know what a microwave was during one of the episodes. And yet it didn't take much effort finding Blogs and You-Tube accounts for some of the kids dating back over seven years. It makes for good reality TV, I guess, but please let's keep it somewhat real.

 When the Brown Family is not pretending to live in the Alaskan Bush full-time, Billy spends a lot of time writing books since retiring from commercial fishing. His first book was an autobiography published in 2006 titled "One Wave at a Time". In 2008, Brown published his second autobiography "The Lost Years" and written over 70 other books and novels since that time. His story about raising a large Family in the Alaskan Bush is what eventually lead to making a deal with the Discovery Channel for this Reality Show.

According to Gabrial's video posted in 2008, the Browns had a book tour across the country promoting "One Wave at a Time" and a movie deal in the works scheduled for 2009. Gabrial says it's the first time in his life he's ever been out of the Bush seeing lot's of things for the very first time. He then does a few imitations of Movie Stars he's never seen before, because, well, where are you going to watch Movies when you're living off the grid your entire life?

Perhaps the most reviling fact the Brown Family's net worth is considerably more than they pretend on The Alaskan Bush People can be found on the back cover of Billy's first book, "One Wave at a Time" shown below.  Does this really look like a Family that goes digging at the local dump scrounging for supplies to survive in Alaska? Obviously, a photo shoot promoting the book, but perhaps not the best picture portraying their rugged lifestyle surviving their entire lives in the Great Outdoors.

posing for picture for new book
The Brown Family in 2008 before the Alaskan Bush People Reality Show
written by Alaskan Bush Peoples Billy Bryon Brown
"One Wave At A Time"
the book that made the
Alaskan Bush People Famous
-Now A Major Collectible-
(updated current price over $700.00 for the original paperback book)
The "One Wave at a Time" book that eventually led to a Reality TV deal with the Discovery Show has been such a major success recreating the story, the Brown Family no longer has time selling books to add to their net worth at this time. Imagine that, making and saving so much money living in the Alaskan Bush you don't even have time making the easy money sending out books or instantly selling in e-book form.

The Brown Family has a website at that does promote a few of Billy's books including "One Wave at a Time", but currently unavailable until further notice. I can only imagine how many thousands of books the Brown Family would sell after every episode of Alaskan Bush People with 3 million viewers interested in their story. You can still buy a used copy of the paperback book on Amazon for only $69.00 (That's not a misprint) that should tell someone in the Brown Family they're leaving lots of money on the table neglecting this additional source of income. 
Update: It appears $69.00 for One Wave At A Time would've been a great deal at the time this article was written. The current price for Billy Brown's book has sky-rocketed over 1000% to over $700.00 in good condition.

As near as Richest Celebrities Networth can tell at this time, Billy Bryon Brown's net worth is estimated at $500,000.00. All seven of Billy and Amie's kids including Matt, Bam Bam, Bear, Gabe, Noah, Snowbird and the youngest daughter Rain all are financially compensated for each episode of Alaskan Bush People with an estimated net worth of approximately $40 to $60,000.00 each. Not too bad for a Family that barters for a wood stove so they can heat their home, or pays the Dentist with freshly caught fish.

The Brown Family no doubt has a very interesting story living in Alaska on their terms, but as with most Reality Shows, it's sometimes far from reality.


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